Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Baby Boy is 2!!

I can hardly believe its been 2 years!!! Oliver has grown into such a sweet but devilish little boy. He hams it up to anyone who will pay attention. He also knows how to use his sweet brown eyes with the long baby doll eyelashes to get whatever he wants!!

Oliver really struggled with language in the beginning. We worried that even at 20 months he still wasn't saying simple words such as Dada or Mama. I started getting concerned and we spoke to our doctor that if he still wasn't talking by the time June rolled around we would look into why he was delayed in his speech.

Thankfully just before June hit, he started picking up words like crazy. I was so happy to hear him speak. Though he still isn't out of the woods completely. I think he will catch up pretty quickly in the next 6 months now that I can really spend some one-on-one time with him. Plus he is learning a lot from Ezme who has found that she has a little "puppet" to teach words too. Its funny to watch her and listen to her say "Oliver, say "hotdog" Oliver say "banana" and so on and so forth.

Here is some things that Oliver can do at Age 2:

* Can point and name all of his body parts on himself or someone else
* Can look at pictures of the family and name everyone
* Can count from 1-13
* Can say his ABC's from A to G
* Has a vocabulary of 70-90 words
* Is starting to use 2-3 word sentences "What is wrong" "Want more cereal" "Milk please, thank you"
* Can now easily take the safety off the sliding class door (by climbing the back of the couch)
* Is almost able to pump on the swings by himself
* Sleeps in a big boy bed (his new bunk bed he shares with Ezme)
* Shows compassion and love for someone who is sad, hurt, or upset
* Loves babies. Any babies. And talks to them in this cute little voice
* Loves pretty woman. I should be afraid of this one. He will walk up to a beautiful girl and talk their ear off
* Has a favorite blanket his best friend Liz made for the new baby but he took and made his own
* Loves to sing and dance
* Prefers to walk on his tiptoes rather then flat feet (we are working on this)
* Sleeps from 7:30pm to 6am (working on this too. Would like at least 7am)
* Still takes a nap 3-4 times a week for 3 hours
* Love to color
* Gave up his sippy cup
* Gave up his pacie during the day, only using it at night for bedtime

We will be heading to the pediatrician on September 11th to see how much Ezme and Oliver have grown in the last year. I am really excited to see how much they have changed!! Look for those stats coming in the next few weeks. I can tell you right now though, Oliver is about a pound behind Ezme and about inch and a half shorter. They are starting to look more and more like 'twins' instead of looking like they are 11 months apart. Wait until next year when they start per-school together. Oh boy!

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