Monday, August 20, 2012

29 Weeks 1 day

29 weeks
I have officially hit the 29 week mark. I was originally going to wait and post at the big 3-0! Then decided why not do both. I wish I had kept better records and pictures of all my pregnancies. It would have come in handy some days to compare. This time around though, without a camera available every moment. I have to rely on catching Jason to take a few quick pics with his cell phone. Which then requires me to wait until he downloads them to my desk top. Some days he is really good. Other days. Well.....lets just say a large chunk of time can pass. I am hoping to fix this issue and purchase a new camera for the family very shortly. Still doing some research into the exact one that is right for us and our needs.

Anyways, back onto my post. I had my 29 week Appointment today. We were trying to figure out if baby was "head down." We think we felt her bum closer to my belly button which means that more then likely her head was down. But one can never know with this squirmy girl *smiles*

My blood pressure is excellent and in the last 3 weeks from my last weight check  I have gained nothing. Even loosing 2 pounds. The doctor isn't concerned weight wise. (this was the same day August 1st. That I spend in Triage with Contractions. You know the kind that kicks you in the pants. Every 2-3 minutes apart. Lasting for a solid minute. Yup. Fun times for sure. The good news though was a good friend of mine had her little girl the same day. I guess I just took over the pain for her *smiles*)

I had a level 2 ultrasound at my 26 week 2 day appointment to check for growth and the position of the placenta. I was contracting so badly still at that point that you could see it clearly on the monitor. It took about an hour and a half to do the ultrasound which normally takes about 30 minutes. Thankfully my cervix stayed the same and I wasn't in need of staying at the hospital. At my appointment though I was measuring about 2 weeks behind. Baby looked great but was measuring on the lower side of normal. Nothing concerning at the time and said that I was all set to go home.

Then at my appointment today she measuring me and realized that in 3 weeks I had slipped another week. So now I am measuring 3 weeks behind. Blood pressure looks great though I am starting to swell in my legs and feet. Something I have never had to deal with before. I asked my doctor flat out if she was concerned and she said "yes." Honestly, I wasn't expecting her to say that. With that she has scheduled me for another growth scan in a week. I have told Jason many times that I just feel something isn't right. Even looking at my previous pictures I haven't really gained much baby weight so to speak. Still look about the same.

We have started to discuss dates for delivery and how I am hoping with just a bit of "modern" help that maybe I can go on my own. My doctor has agreed to strip my membranes at my 37 week 1 day appointment to see if she can get things started. Though she has tried with both Ezme and Oliver and it didn't work for either. So who knows.

For now I am just enjoying being almost 30 weeks and still feeling great. I can remember days with the others that this time would be the worse for me. Tired, irritable, cranky. Unable to find a good sleep position or move around with ease. Blessing in disguise. Or something to worry about. This mommy instinct says for me to stay on my toes and be prepared. So that is what I am going to do. Until then......

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