Monday, August 27, 2012

30 WEEKS!!!

Today officially marks 30 weeks!!! And sporting a new hair cut. What do you think? This means that Miss "E" is just about 9 weeks shy of making her presence known as we welcome her into this very large crazy family. I am excited!

This time around I find that my emotions are all over the place. It seems everything that we thought was set in stone in June is now up in the air now that we are nearing the end of August. I have shed so many tears, worry, fears, about what is going on. Or should I say "NOT" going on. I am struggling.

Miss "E" is doing good so far. Moving around at very precise moments of the day. I can almost pin point it by a clock.  Usually first thing when I wake up in the morning. Then again around 2pm in the afternoon and then usually sometimes around 9pm when I go to bed. She isn't a "social squirmier" like her big sisters were. But she does make her presence known.

I am feeling better then I ever have in any of my other pregnancies. Still have plenty of energy to get things done. Still moving around and sleeping (including the tossing and turning) as if I was still in my 20th week. I haven't had to deal with back issues or painful sleepless nights.  I feel like this pregnancy is almost too good to be true. Which is why I am cautiously optimistic. If you look at my pattern of the last pregnancies. I had horrible pregnancies themselves. Sick as a dog, headaches, stomach aches, dizzy all the time. My back was always sore. My body just didn't want to move. I loved being pregnant. Just hated how it made me feel. So this time around, with a perfect pregnancy. One that I even forget is actually happening sometimes. I have to wonder, "when is the calm before the storm going to happen."

Right now I am preparing for a possible early delivery. Making all the necessary last minute appointments. My car is going in this Wednesday for an oil change and tire rotation. Grace (our cat) has an appointment to get fixed as well as Chloe (our dog) has a well visit and shots and add to it, I have a 35 week appointment with my doctor the first week of October and I just happened to get lucky and make them ALL ON THE SAME DAY!!  I want to make sure everything and everyone is covered so I have less to worry about when she does arrive. Especially if we might be looking at a possible NICU stay. I know I am probably getting AHEAD of myself my leaps and bounds. But I just feel better knowing that everything that is in my control, is actually taken care of. I cannot predict when she is going to come. But I can at least be as prepared as possible. The good part though is because everything is getting done and out of the way as soon as possible. It frees almost the entire month of October up to just work, sew and spend the days getting prepared.

Next week is my next ultrasound. I am excited and nervous. I guess it will be a wait and see. Until then. 9 more weeks!!

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