Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 weeks 1 day and Ultrasound

No pictures today. I was hoping to get one this morning before I left for my day of appointments. But time didn't work in my favor and I ended up just forgetting by the time the kids came home from school. This is why we need a camera. It will free up having to worry about relaying on Jason's cell phone. Otherwise I completely forget to ask him. Next week though, promise.

Today I had a growth scan for Miss "E" I knew for sure she had moved head down as I have been more uncomfortable and "heavy" in the front. I was almost positive that she had a major growth spurt as well as I just seemed "bigger"though when I measured myself at home, I still showed being about 4 weeks behind. I went into the office with big dreams only to have the technician (who also is a nurse practitioner) tell me after taking measurements twice that she had fallen behind even further since my last visit at 26 weeks 2 days. Here are the stats:

26 weeks 2 days Wednesday August 1st: Baby measured 2.2 pounds and was in the 49% a bit below average but well within reason and we weren't too concerned. Enough to get another ultrasound at 3 weeks. Outside measurement was 24 weeks.

31 weeks 1 day Tuesday September 4th: Baby measured 3.1 pounds and was in the 25% and my fluid level was 9. Though this is an ok fluid level at this time. They really wanted to see an 11 or better. Outside measurement was 27 weeks. At this time baby should be weighing in the 3.8-4 lbs range.

When speaking to the nurse practitioner who did my ultrasound I told her that I just had a feeling that this baby was going to be making a entrance much earlier. I mentioned that I had made no plans, doctors appointments for the kids, husband or animals, etc. after 36 weeks and that I was starting to get things together and finished before then too. She said it was probably a very good idea.

I had the opportunity to have a doctors appointment with my doctor afterwards and we spoke at length about what could be an issue as far as her growth goes. I will have another repeat ultrasound in 3 weeks. If she is still below average, falls off the charts or just doesn't gain a good amount of weight by then. Then we will do an induction around 37-38 weeks. My biggest concern is my placenta is not functioning properly therefore isn't giving the proper nutrients baby needs to grow. We know unlike Anabelle who stopped growing because of her genetic issues, we are not really 100% sure why this one isn't. Though secretly I am happy to have a little baby. I have heard that it makes nursing a bit harder, but because I will actually be able to have the supply for the demand, I think it will help us both with not only bonding, but being able to successfully nurse.

For the time being, nothing has been asked of me as far as changing my diet or best rest. She told me to just go on with my normal activities. There isn't much I can do now. We have calculated though that baby could weigh between 5.7 pounds - 6.8 pounds by delivery. This is taking into account that she gains about .5 ounces everyday for the next 53 days (I have 60 days to go, but take 7 off because my doctor will not let me go past 39 weeks. period.)

For the time being though. We wait. In 3 weeks I will be 34 weeks. I will have one more ultrasound at 37 weeks and then we will possibly have an induction during that time. I could be holding this little girl in as few as 5 weeks!! EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I left you a comment yesterday. Where'd it go???

    So to repeat...It's been a while since I've read your blog. I didn't even know you are pregnant. Congratulations! Do you know if it's a boy or girl? I'm all caught up, but I need to know what's happening with the house situation. Did you get it?