Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple Picking

The kids favorite thing to do when fall comes is go Apple Picking. This year was no exception. The kids had a great time and picked out some pretty terrific apples to take home with us. The best part, it gave me the opportunity to play with my new camera. We are still deciding if its exactly the right one for us. But so far it seems pretty great.  I just have to get use to all the new buttons what nots. That will take some time for sure. It helps though that Jason enjoys playing with everything and figuring it all out. So he in the end just shows me how to use it. Beats trying to read the directions and not really understand anything. Here are a few pictures from our fun afternoon.
Emma and Owen

Emma getting a ride from Daddy's Shoulders. Only the high apples would do for her

The gang!! Cannot be at an apple farm and not try out the product 

One of my favorites! Wish they all had looked at the camera. But they were too distracted.
Olivia (9 1/2) Emma-James (6 1/2) Owen (4 1/2) Ezme (3) Oliver (2)

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