Thursday, September 13, 2012

Favorite Car Seat!

Lets face it. With 6 kids I have had my fair share of car seats. Everything from the $20 dollar hand-me-down to the expensive (to us) Nautilus. While I have loved each and every one of them. I have finally found something I truly love, appreciate and thank heavens it was invented. As a parent of more then 2 children and a van that holds up to 6 kids. I needed car seats that could easily fit together without the hassle of space provided. All the other car seats I have looked at are too bulky at the end leaving very little room for another car seat or even booster seat to sit next too.


We we went for our 18 week ultrasound and found a car seat that we really loved in a magazine at the doctors office. It was perfect for our family. And even showed a picture of 3 seats fitting in the back row of a Toyota Sienna comfortably. I WAS SOLD IMMEDIATELY!!

I was even lucky to see a friend using one for her daughter and she told me that she was in love as well. And wish they had them out when her first child was born. I knew immediately with a new baby on the way, this car seat was the way to go. So I did my research. Found that a good portion of the seat is made of steal. So its HEAVY!!! But that it was good for babies 5 llbs - 120 lbs. Even better. The only down fall. They were running well over $300 per seat. Times that by 3 kids who needed them. Well you can do the math. It just wasn't going to work.

One afternoon in July though I started looking around for the cheapest seats I could find. Bargain I was hoping for. And just my luck. They had the car seat on a website for 200 dollars. I was in love. I immediately ordered 2. One for Ezme and one for Oliver. In fact, I loved it so much that I just ordered my last one for Owen which he will use for the next year or so until he is tall enough to go to a booster. And then the new baby will be able to use it once she is old enough. I am so excited. So if you are crunched for space like myself, looking for something that really fits a van like the one I have and want something safe and compact. I would say look into these.


Diono RadianR100 Convertible Car Seat


  1. I'm posting as a Britax lover. While we don't have that car seat, Caden does have a radian booster seat that is amazing!!! He's 7 and still has so much room to grow in it. I love that the booster is as heavy duty as a 5 pt car seat and it latches so it doesnt' become a projectile when he's not in it.

  2. We purchased a few years ago at a baby depot the CLICK car seat. Its the same as the one above but at the time this didn't exist. Since Owen is still pretty small for almost 5, I am glad to be putting him back in a 5 point harness for another year. He feels differently but I told him that I rather him be safe then hurt.