Monday, September 17, 2012

Waiting, Waiting............On *The House*

Here is a picture of the *THE HOUSE* that we are looking at. This photo doesn't really do it much justice. Once you see it in person the first words exclaimed usually is "this house is huge" And huge it is. With almost 4,000 square feet of current usable space. And another 1,000 sq. feet in the attic which will be re-done right away. This house is *HUGE* It has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Included is a formal dining room, space for an eat in kitchen. Formal living room and family room. Hook-ups for laundry to be on either the main floor or 2nd floor. And space to grow in the attic. Which we intend to use as an office space/sewing and craft room and family room. The house is amazing. Its close to Jason's job. Which he could walk or bike too. Close to the girls school. Full time kindergarten for Owen next year. Plenty of growing room down the line when we have our children's families visit with there kids. Its the perfect "old school" house you want to celebrate Christmas in. And best of all, it has a fantastic yard and fenced in backyard. We even had the pleasure of meeting the neighbors and they are really nice. One of them even has kids Ezme and Oliver's age.

Its been 2 months since we put the offer in and still no word. We have decided that because of the amount of work and length it will take for us to accomplish everything. That its better we stay here until after the holidays are over. Which means we are looking at a January 1st move in date. This is if we find out about the house in the next month or so. It will give us the time we need to work on the new house, while still having a place to live during renovations. Its going to be a big under-taking. Especially if Jason and I are doing a lot of the work alone. We want to try to accomplish as much as we can together without having to hire outside help and blowing our budget out of the water.

We sure could use some prayers. If you can, please say a quick prayer that we will hear about this house in a more timely manner. The waiting is killing the both of us and we were both really hoping to celebrate Christmas in our new house. New baby, new house, family and friends around us. Couldn't ask for a more special time gift.

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  1. Such a classic New England home. Hope it works, mostly because I must see the inside and the transformation process.

    Young House Love is an excellent blog for a ton of DIY information. Tons of tutorials.