Thursday, September 13, 2012

My New Purchases!

Jason and I have been doing so well with our fiances not to mention long hours at work for Jason resulting in extra hours and more money. And my continuing job nannying. That we decided to get a few things. A few were needed but some were wanted. Jason was sweet and worked the extra hours just to purchase two of the items just for me. I have had my eye on them for awhile now, but never would have bought them myself. It was really thoughtful of him. LOVE YOU SWEETIE.  So here are the items that we have purchased that should be arriving in the mail TOMORROW!

The first is my NEW CAMERA! Jason's old camera that was part his he purchased and part his mom she gave him. Just had its final days in February after taking a nasty but accidental spill off the shoe shelf. It basically left it useless to take pictures or to focus leaving us camera-less since. The only way we could capture important life events was through Jason's cell phone. And it really wasn't working for me. This camera though will not only take fantastic pictures. But allow me to video record the kids being silly and post it for all of you lovely folks to see. Its the Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR Digital Camera. We did a lot of research on this and found that for what I want it should end up being a pretty good camera for us to use. We were also looking at a Cannon as well. But decided that will be a purchase later down the line. For now though, I am excited to see what my new camera will do for me tomorrow. And it will give me must enough time to figure it out before its intended use.....Taking pictures of the new baby.
Next is my new stroller. In purple!! Isn't it beautiful. Its the new CITY SELECT double stroller with infant bassinet. I am really excited about this because it also will come with a boogy board for Ezme to use as well. And its the first stroller I have found that allows us to use the bassinet and a regular seat for the older child all in one. We plan on using the bassinet too for when we are around the house or on vacation as its a portable crib for the first 6 months as well. I really love the versatility of this stroller and the fact that unlike my countors, it is more compact and easier to push. Not to mention I wont feel like I am pushing a limo around the stores anymore. My only regret was I didn't know about this stroller sooner!! It would have been great to use when Ezme and Oliver were little. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new stroller to think about this one. All the reviews I have read have given it 5 stars.

 The last item is my much needed and much wanted IPAD!!! I have been trying to save for this since I started working last year. But I always prioritize kids clothes, books, bills, husbands clothes, etc. Before indulging into anything "extra." This time though hubby worked some extra hours and bills and everything were finally caught up that he said it was much needed and much deserved. This is a 32g new generation Ipad which should be arriving in the mail sometime next week. I have wanted one for two big reason. To read. As I am a big reader and two, so I can have something to use in bed after the baby arrives. I plan on being downstairs a lot too. But this will come in handy at night when she is awake for feedings and I just want to snuggle in bed instead of going downstairs. I am also planning on purchasing a new ipod in the next few weeks for everyday outdoor use as my other one is about to loose its life. It will also be for the kids too when we are driving long distances to watch movies via our tv's in the car.
Thank you hubby for these!! I cannot wait to use them in the next day/week. LOVE YOU!!

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