Thursday, September 13, 2012

8 MONTHS!!!!!

32 weeks and 3 days
32 weeks and not slowing down. I have reached the 8th month! I am just about ready! The ergo carrier came in today, which BTW is SO ADORABLE!! Its brown with pink tulips on it. Couldn't have asked for anything more "girly" then that. Best part, I managed to score it brand new in the box with tags still on it for only $79 dollars. Including shipping!! Way to go me!

I am still going strong around the house. Though now that little miss "E" has positioned herself squarely head down and nestled into my bladder, its a bit harder to breath and even more harder to bend over and pick things up off the floor. So I am relaying more on the kids and hubby to do the low ends while I concentrate on everything else. I have pretty much left the bathroom cleaning to Jason. Its too hard to bend over and smell the cleaning products and not want to gag. So its officially his job now. I am willing to still do everything else while I am feeling good. Including laundry. Though he has been a pretty huge help in that department. Making sure a load goes in before work and before bed. I just have to find the motivation to start folding everything again and putting it away. I have said it once, and million times after that. I cannot WAIT until we get our family closet. Wash, fold, iron, put away. All in the same room. Heaven I tell you! Heaven.

I am feeling really great about the things I am accomplishing these days. Though the weekends are never long enough, I am still getting things done here and there during the week. Even with work, the kids end up playing together in the mornings before lunch. Leaving me a large chunk of time to get phone calls and any important items out of the way. I wouldn't say I am in "nesting" mode this time around. I would call it more like "SURVIVAL MODE." Making sure that Jason is still able to work even after baby comes is vital. Especially with 2 kids in school full time and myself now working full time. It puts a lot more strain on him as he has to leave work early everyday to pick up the girls from school. Giving me enough time to pick up "J" from the bus stop 6 houses away down the street. Its crazy. But I keep telling myself its only temporary. And the extra money every week is a HUGE HELP.

I have scheduled all appointments for everyone from now until I hit the 35 week mark. Making the biggest bulk of appointments the first week of October. I just finished making a master plan for anyone who takes the kiddos while I am in the hospital. Including the schedules for the extra boys. I am now just working on last minute details around the house. I have decided to keep my job until either we move, or it becomes to much for me to handle. I am saddened that I wont get to have the extra special one-on-one time bonding with this new little one as I have had in the past. But weighing the PRO's and CON's of working vs. not working. I decided that right now, the income was a great incentive. Plus the hours couldn't be beat. And best of all, I probably wouldn't get another chance of finding a job that would give me the opportunity of being with MY KIDS all day every day and still earning a paycheck. It was really the best option for us and our family. At least for now.

I have ordered the last few items on my check list. Owen's new car seat should arrive sometime next week. We loved the ones we ordered so much for the "twins" that we decided it was a good investment to order the same one for Owen and then use it for the new baby when she is old enough. I ordered my new camera (Finally) which I am so excited for. It was due time as we haven't had a working camera in the house since February. With the new little one arriving in a few weeks. It will give me some time to get use to it before we really will need it. Then hubby surprised me by ordering my new stroller which should arrive by Friday!!! It will be perfect for all 3 kiddos to use as it has a boogy board for the older one to stand on. Its especially handy since Ezme is in between wanting to sit or walk. Hubby also ordered a new Ipad for me too! Something I have needed and wanted for a few years now. He told me it was a late Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present. It should arrive sometime next week. I am so very excited. The last two big ticket items are a new Ipod for me. My new (old) one is just about to kick the bucket. It isn't taking a charge anymore and because I use this for everyday use it really is vital that I don't spend a huge amount of time without one. We are also planning on purchasing a new dishwasher in the next few weeks as well. We have just about had it with the one we currently own. And have decided that its more important to have one after the baby comes, then it is to wait until we move. Jason was also lucky to find some information in regards to our current GE dishwasher that might allow us to get it replaced for free, and if not, then at least a nice rebate will be offered. So either way, its a good deal.

For now I am enjoying watching and feeling the summer slowly turn into fall. Things are starting to come into place and I am feeling great still. I cannot complain about life these days. I am very blessed!

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