Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whats Left?

Since we are planning on a possible early delivery I am trying to get everything out of the way and ready before I hit 35 weeks. My goal is to leave the last 2 weeks before I hit the 37 week mark to do odds and ends around the house and just focus on work. So help me figure out what I might be missing or needing to do. Stars represent things I have done.

* Put crib together
* Make dust ruffle for crib
   Make bumper pad for crib
* Organize baby clothes and put away newborn, 0-3, 3-6 months
   Purchase diapers and wipes
* Purchase new car seat
* Organize Ezme's winter clothes
   Organize Owen's winter clothes
* Organize Oliver's winter clothes
   Finish making and packing Diaper Bag
   Pack Hospital Bag
* Purchase or Order Ergo
* Make appointments for Grace to get fixed
* Make vet appointment for Chloe
* Make eye appointments for *Jason, , Owen, Ezme and Oliver
   Clean and sterilize bottles and nipples
   Make sure bills are paid
   Make sure fridge and pantry are stocked for the first 2 weeks home

I know I have gone through this at least 6 other times. But for some reason. I just cannot remember if I have forgotten anything important or not. So help me out. What am I forgetting?

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