Friday, September 14, 2012


What do you think? Not much has really changed in the last 6 weeks. I only wish I had taken more pictures to see how much little girl was growing and how much my belly changed. Cannot turn back time. But at least I have a few more pictures to take of her inside before she makes her grand entrance outside.

Both my doctor and myself think that they change in "belly" represents her either being sideways or head down. Hence the bit more pregnant look in weeks 26 and 30. Lets just hope she stays head down. It might means mommy is a bit more uncomfortable. But in the end, it saves me from a c-section I really want to avoid.



  1. You looked bigger in the 26 week photo, small at 28, super low at 30, lower than 32...

  2. I look the most pregnant in week 26 and 30. I know she is moving around a lot and that contributes to how I feel/walk/move and also how I look. I guess we will get more information next week and the following week on how well she is growing. I can say that when she moves around, she is definitely very low in my abdomen. I can feel her mostly below the belly button area moving around. I just look like I am carrying a small package with me wherever I go. I remember being super miserable so much earlier then this sleeping wise. And I am still able to move around without waking up and being conscience of it.