Monday, September 24, 2012

34 weeks! 5 weeks left

First let me say, sorry about the picture being so "shinny" We are still trying to figure out the new camera and are back and forth on the idea of keeping it or finding something else that fits our family better. It takes fantastic pictures most of the time. Great ones outside. Inside though is a different story. Some days I get great shots. While others seem over exposed, "shinny" and very bright. Ideas welcome if you know how we can remedy this issue.

So today marks 34 weeks!! Two more weeks and I am officially 9 months. I officially have just 5 weeks (39 weeks) or 42 days (40 weeks) left of this pregnancy. And I am not really struggling this time around with all the things I need to do. Or in some cases, want to do. Which honestly feels great. I cannot guarantee that at the last hour I wont be hounding my husband to scrub the floors and wash the molding and paint all the rooms and take the car to get washed and vacuumed. And everything that in the past has been on my to do list. Right now though, its just been nice to "enjoy" rather then take charge just to have the house look perfect. For those who know me. Lets see how long that lasts for.

We have very little left to do around the house before little girl arrives. We want to get the backyard cleaned up and ready for the fall and all the leaves that will be dropping pretty soon. I am also hoping to get some fall plants in the ground around the front of the house and maybe decorate for Halloween. Something I don't normally do because the kids in our neighborhood tend to destroy and steal stuff. But I wanted something cheery and pleasing to the eye for any potential buyers. Especially since I didn't plant a single thing this year. I am itching to plant something.

We also have a few things to do around the house. Nothing major. Hang some pictures. Finish packing away summer clothes. Fix a few things here and there that have been piling up on Jason's *Hunny-Do List*. Another solid weekend should give us enough time to accomplish everything. Hoping that in another week or two Jason can take a Friday off so we can have a long weekend to get things checked off the list.

I am feeling great. Honestly. I have moments when I am feeling "pregnant" and days like yesterday where I have contractions non stop for hours on end. But other then that. I really have been feeling great. Energy is great. I haven't really slowed down and usually right around the end of 28-30 weeks I am starting to really feel everything. So I am blessed that its been a smooth and uneventful pregnancy for the most part.

Tomorrow is my Growth and Weight check for baby girl. I am excited to see how much she has gained in the last 21 days. I still believe she is tiny, but who knows. She might have gained 2 pounds in the last 21 days and just really good at hiding it. Until then, I am hoping today and most of tomorrow will go by fast. I cannot wait to see her.

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