Wednesday, October 17, 2012

37 Weeks 2 days and Sick

Post says it all. 37 weeks and sick with what I thought was a simple cold/cough. Add in throwing up, I just assumed it was a slight stomach bug. I felt tired and yucky all over but didn't think anything of it. However, a trip to see my Doctor for my weekly appointment told a different story. Phonomnia. Yuck! I started a course of antibiotics and after a full 24 hours and two double doses. I am feeling so much better. Of course all the junk has moved into my face and nose area. But at least its working its way out of my lungs and I am able to breath a lot better. The wheezing is still there and sometimes its hurts to take in a deep breath. But my energy level is almost back to normal and I am able to finally get things done around the house.

I have been told bed rest, lots of fluids and to take it easy. I am already 3cm dilated and she does not want little lady to arrive at all this week. So I am to try as hard as I can to refrain from any heavy mobility. Though with 7 kids in my house during the week. That keeps me busy almost all day long. With the exception of 3 hours during nap time. I don't see how that will be physically possible. With myself being sick, her weight issues and the fact I have little kiddos in the house. She doesn't want to see the baby end up in the NICU because we are all sick right now. So we will wait. Continue to bleach and Lysol the house and keep up with keeping the germs at bay. Oh, and work on making this mommy happy, healthy and sick free. 

I am thankful for the extra week too. I have a list a mile long of things I would really like to try to accomplish this week as I slowly get better. Car needs to be vacuumed. House could use one last good scrub down. At least the downstairs portion. I wouldn't mind doing a good long days worth of grocery shopping and stock up on things we need for a good solid 2 weeks. Though a lot of this will really depend on how I am feeling. I really want to get better as quick as possible, and pushing myself to my limits is probably not a wise idea. 

Now we wait and see what happens. Diaper bag is finally made (and came out great) and packed so all I have left is my hospital bag. Clothes are ready to go. Need to acquire a box of diapers but just waiting to see how big this little girl is going to be before we  go purchase anything more. Its an easy enough job Jason can do after we have come home. So now we wait.............Oh and get healthy too!

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