Tuesday, October 30, 2012

39 Weeks and 1 Day

No pictures today of me pregnant. Sorry. However, good news. I went to my weekly appointment today and I am germ free. Just a mild cough but other then that. I am feeling 100% better. My Doctor checked me and I am already 5-6cm dilated. She said that she wouldn't be surprised to see me at the hospital later on that day. I told her that I wasn't holding my breath. Out of 6 kiddos, only one broke my water. So I wasn't banking on anything happening on its own this time around. She said that now that the hospital has a policy on non-emergency inductions before 41 weeks, that she is praying that something happens. She and I both feel the same way about waiting past 40 weeks. She told me to start calling those I needed to and make sure my sitter for the other kiddos was here in the area. Luckily our friend Jenn offered to come down and stay the night just in case.

I came home with lots of cramping and a general yucky feeling all around. I thought that I would try to get in a quick nap. Luckily the boys mom I sit for had called earlier that morning to tell me she was picking up the boys early (though it didn't happen) so I told Jason after the kids left I would go lay down for an hour or two.

By 1pm in the afternoon I was cramping even more to the point I needed to either walk through them or keep busy. The boys mom still hadn't shown up, and I didn't feel comfortable napping with them still here. So I did the dishes and a few loads of laundry. Made the kids beds and folded the clean laundry so I could put it away. I cleaned out my car and did a few other odds and ends.

By 3pm the boys were just leaving (they were suppose to leave at noon) and as I was heading upstairs to take a quick nap. My friend Jenn walks in the house. I guess a nap wasn't going to happen. The girls needed to be picked up, homework done. Supper made. Jason and Jenn kept trying to convince me to just slow down and rest. But I needed to move. Really for two reasons. 1) to keep busy. 2) to keep my mind off of everything.

6pm came and contractions and cramping were getting worse. I decided to take a shower, get the things packed in the car and called my doctor to let her know that I was headed to triage. I was feeling really lucky she was already on duty at the hospital. It was nice to know that 3 out of 6 kiddos would now have the same doctor delivering them.

By 7pm I was in the car heading to Woman and Infants. Not knowing of Miss E was going to gracious with her presence today or for Halloween. Either way, I just prayed that the on call doctor didn't decide to send me home.

My doctor called down to triage when she found out I was there and told them to send me right up. I am a quick delivery and she didn't want me to go home and have something happen. I was checked again at 8:30pm and was told that at 6cm I wasn't making enough "change" within the hour and the Doctor on call was getting ready to send me home. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I can't go home. I told her to call my doctor up in labor and delivery and she would tell her that going home wasn't an option.

9:45pm and after 3 1/2 hours at the Woman and Infants triage center. I finally had my blood drawn for labs. My I.V. in and I was on my way. I turned around the corner to see my Doctor and her and the nurse immediately asked "WHERE THE HELL YOU BEEN??" Long story is all I could say......

Its now 10:10pm

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