Tuesday, October 23, 2012

38 Weeks 1 Day

Still Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went to my appointment this morning hoping I will be all set for Miss. E's arrival. Unfortunately, I now have bronchitis. Another round of antibiotics, fluids and lots of rest. Hopefully next week I will get a clean bill of health. 4-5cm Dilated so it could happen at any moment. My Doctor told me to take it extra easy for the next 48 hours so I can give the antibiotics a good chance of working. She doesn't want me to be sick when the baby comes. I definitely do not want her to end up in the NICU. Though its a wonderful place. The thought of having her their will really just bring back too many memories of Anabelle.

Everything is just about in place. Kids are all set with everything they need while I am gone. We have our sitter in place for them too. The boys I nanny for are all taken care of and will be staying with our sitter while I am in the hospital. Appointments for everyone are out of the way until middle of November. So far so good.

Now my only job is just to rest as much as I can. Which is a pretty impossible feat. But I am going to do the best I can for sure!!

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