Tuesday, October 30, 2012

E Day or should I say BIRTHDAY!!

10:15pm and I am finally in Labor and Delivery. I looked up and saw the two nurses who not only delivered Ezme but Oliver as well. How lucky was I too have them be there for this little ones birth as well?!!

They get me hooked up. Check me again to see I am still 6cm. My doctor told me that there wasn't any rush to really get things going. She asked me if I wanted to have her quickly and come on the 30th. Or wait a little while and have her join us on Halloween. After much thought, I decided that since I was there, why not Halloween. I mean. Its the first time I really had the option to choose between the two days. We both knew that once she started the pitocin drip it would jump start my contractions and I would be in heavy labor within 30 minutes. My Doctor said that after my epidural she would break my water and see how things progressed on their own without the medication.

We discussed having my epidural right away or if I wanted to wait. After much decision (with tears as this part scares me the most)  I decided to just get it done while the pain was still manageable in the hopes they would be able to get it in the first try.

At 11:30pm the anesthesiologist came in to start my epidural. I told myself I wasn't going to cry or shed a tear. They took my vitals. Another vial of blood. Asked me about 50,000 questions and told me to wait just a few minutes while they set up everything. Of course, the longer they take, the more anxiety I get about having it done.  He kept telling jokes. Trying to break a smile from my very large and unflattering frown I had on my face. He had asked me something and as I was about to answer he said "Done" DONE? How are you done?  The guy is a genius. First try. Little to no pain. Done in one shot in less then 3 minutes. I told Jason from now on. Epidural first before anything else and only he is able to do it!!

11:45pm and my Doctor walks in and says I look comfortable. Of course I did. That stuff is fantastic. I watch some tv. and watch a few movies on my ipad. She said she was going to come in and break my water around midnight. Still no major change from when I first started. 5-6cm and head is still high. But we both knew that really meant nothing. We were only just holding off what will happen in a matter of seconds.

Midnight HALLOWEEN!! My Doctor breaks my water. No major changes right away. Will start pitocin at 12:30am.

12:30am-1am. Pitocin started. Not feeling any major contractions. Jason was dosing off in the chair next to me. I was searching the T.V. for something interesting but ended up on the food network channel. Nothing else on and channels were limited.

1am-My doctor walks in and checks on me. A good 7-8cm. She then tells me "I have a C-Section to do, but I can put it off and deliver you now, or go and deliver this mom. She has been in labor for 2 days and pushing for 5 hours. But I know that we can get you out of the way faster." I asked her about how long she would be and she said between 30-45 minutes. I told her not a problem. I wouldn't want that person to wait any longer. She patted my feet and said I was a sweetie. And then as she left the room said "Don't do anything while I am gone." The nurses shut the pitocin off at my Doctors request. And the minute everyone left the room, little Miss moved down and I was ready to push. I called Jason over and asked him to cross my legs for me and sang in my head for the next 45 minutes while my Doctor was gone. Nurses would come in and out asking me how I was doing and I would say "great" Oh the lies.

1:48am my Doctor walks in, puts my pitocin back on. Asks me how I am doing and thanks me for waiting and then checks me to find I was complete and ready. She then got this stern look on her face and asked m how long I have been "ready" and I told her since she walked out the door. Impressed I held it in that long she had everyone move quickly.

1:57am My Doctor was ready to let me push but I had to cough first. This gave her a moment (or so she thought) to get her head protection on. And then it happened. I coughed and Miss E came down full force head out and almost completely delivered. From one single cough!! Jason, the nurse my Doctor were all screamed STOP, STOP, STOP!! Apparently she was so fast that one more cough or push she would have flown across the room. Hehe.

1:58am Everly Quinn Martin Rodrigues arrives perfect in every way. Along with my uterus! But we will save that story for another time. *smiles*

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