Saturday, January 22, 2011


Nothing to inspiring to really write about today. I managed to fit in some Wii this morning. I just wasn't able to put in a full hour workout but am satisfied with my 45 minutes.

We are heading to a friend's 3rd birthday party today. I am hoping we can stay until the end, but kiddos were up almost the entire night and they are starting to already fall apart :-( I am not sure what it was. Full moon? Owen ended up crawling in our bed 3 times, finally I just said for him to sleep with us. Oliver got up once for a bottle, I don't even remember when. Emma-James kept getting up and asking me to cover her up, but I am thinking she wasn't truly awake. Ezme was awake a few times herself crying because she lost her pacie. I am thinking everyone will be a little off their "A" game. Including myself. I am exhausted. I think I was up from 1am-4:30am. And then Owen was up at 7am already to start the day. Blah.

I am so tired and frustrated with how messy the house got in just 24 hours that I am seriously thinking of getting a hotel room for just me tonight. Let the kids and the hubby deal with the mess, piles of laundry, chaos. I am pretty sure that today was my breaking point.

But knowing me, I will still do it all myself. The accomplishment of knowing I did it is pretty rewarding. But actually doing it....well it just sucks.

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