Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grampy's 90th Birthday!

Today was my Grampy's Surprise 90th Birthday Party!! I am amazed and jealous at how great at 90 years old he looks. I mean, when my great-grandpa turned 90, he looked even older then that. So comparing them both at this age, he hasn't aged a bit!! We even went through old photos to put up around the party area and to me he looks the same as he ever has. Thinning in his hair a bit, but seriously, that's about it. I hope I have his genes and I look that good at 90!!!!

On to the party!! We (my mom, sister, Nana, myself) went through this elaborate and I do mean ELABORATE scheme to get him to the party without him knowing it was a surprise. My sister and my mom sent out invitations to all of his friends, and relatives to let them know of the day and time all the while it was hush hush for the soon to be 90 year old! My Nana would invite friends and family she met on the streets, in stores, or whom may have called letting them know of the surprise party as well. The day of, we had no clue how many would actually be coming. It was crazy but exciting.

My sister was in charge of baking and decorating a beautiful and elaborate cake just for my Grampy. She also managed to bang out 4 dozen brownies, and two watermelon fruit bowls. WAY TO GO RYANN!!

Can you believe this was her first time EVER making a two tiered, fondant cake with all the little things that went around it. I was super impressed at the work she did. Awesome Job Ryann!!

From the side

The head table. Complete with 90th Balloons!!

Mom, Jason my Dad and myself were in charge of all the foods, the decorations at the hall, the centerpieces. My sister helped work on the photos of my Grampy through the years. Let me say from Friday morning until the party on Saturday afternoon, it was non-stop GO GO GO!! We managed to bang out over 200 mini sandwiches, my mom made sweet and sour meatballs, two fruit bowls made by my sister, deserts up the wazoo, veggie platter and about 3 dozen deviled eggs. It was crazy insane I tell you. But everyone did a fantastic job. I only wish I had gotten photos of all the yummy food!!! We had so much left over though. It could have fed the National Guard and then some. Let's just say we ate leftovers until we left on Monday afternoon.

As we were setting up the last of the food, greeting all the guests, my grandparents finally arrived. My Nana had lied to my Grampy saying it was a Anniversary Party for a friend of theirs. All the while truly thinking that, he purchased a card and stuck $20 dollars into it. This is the photo my sister managed to score as he walked into the hall. Mind you, he doesn't understand why there are 30 people in front of him snapping photos and singing happy birthday. He kept saying, its an anniversary party, not a birthday. And looking for the guy that the party was for!! HEHE. LOVE IT!!

Grampy (Nana is off to the side). Arriving to his 90th Birthday!

The party was really fantastic. So many people came to help him celebrate. He was in awe and touched that he had so many family, friends and relatives that came and loved him enough to travel the distances they did. It really was very touching to see so many faces. I would have to say at least 100 people were there. And the best of all was that all the Kids, grand-kids, and great grand-kids were their as well. That in itself was amazing. I don't think we have EVER been in the same room together all at once.

Nana and Grampy with their three kids. From Left to Right: Uncle Paul, Susan (my mom) Nana and Grampy and Uncle Ted

The Grand-Kids and Great Grand-Kids From Left to Right Miles, Melanie, Kristen, Myself holding Ezme, My sister Ryann holding Tyson, The girl in the green is not related however she is holding one of the Great Grandchildren Riven, Brandon my cousin holding Riven's twin sister Meadow. In the front is Wesley, Olivia, Owen and Emma-James. The other two children are too not related to the family, but popped in the picture anyways

My nephew with the birthday man himself!

I am really glad that we were all able to get together for this event. Its hard to believe that he has seen so many things happen in his 90 years of life. I can only imagine to live that long and be as healthy, happy and blessed as he is.


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  1. Haha I still can not believe they will not eat it and want to keep it forever lol.