Monday, July 26, 2010

The Past Week

Gosh, it seems I get on a roll of typing and keeping up with my blog, and then a lull. Nothing really to report of our last weeks adventures. Mostly we stayed in the house and cleaned, organized and tried to get some sense of order again in our ever crazy life. Jason built me a beautiful desk with shelves in our dining room. I am so in love. It keeps everything I need at my finger tips and best of all, NO MORE CLUTTER IN THE KITCHEN. With the computer gone, and the printers gone, it makes for more counter space as well as just clutter free in general. It's really nice. Plus the dining room had this odd space next to our fireplace that just wasn't being used to its full potential. So I asked hubby to build me a desk and a few shelves. He did an amazing job, and I am glad that the project is almost done.

In other news, I am starting to get my last bit of ENERGY as I am growing in size. I needed it too. My house has screamed "SCRUB ME" for weeks now. But with the humidity and hot hot weather, its been tough. I managed to get myself up for the cleaning frenzy on Wednesday and Friday of last week. And lets just say, it looks amazing. Now all to do really is paint and keep the house cleaned. So that is what I am tackling today. Hoping to get as much painting done as the weather is perfect for what I need to do. I also am hoping to make it to Home Depot to get a roller to do a bunch of touch-ups that need done around the house as well.

Over the weekend I was blessed to have my "best friend" from growing up come down with her new husband. It was fantastic to see her. We have been friends for 25+ years. With her growing up directly across the street from me, it wasn't hard to not have us see each other on a regular day to day basis.

She and her hubby went to go see the Jon Bon Jovi Concert at Gillette. They had a great time, but didn't get home until well after 2am. I was sound asleep, so I didn't get to talk about their day until they woke up on Sunday. I think they had a great time. I know I did having them here. We spend the entire day Saturday before they left shopping at Wretham outlets. Got some great deals and tons of clothes for the kids. All who needed something or rather desperately. Just a few more things for each of them, and they will be all set for fall and winter.

That is about our extent of our fun weeks adventures. Hopefully I will have more exciting things to share for this week and pictures too!!

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