Monday, March 7, 2011

Absence and Quick Update

Sorry everyone for my lack of blog updating. I have been so busy the last week or so getting my business off the ground that I haven't had a moment to really sit down and do any amount of blogging. I have tons of pictures to update everyone with. Including a good little report of Miss. Ezme. Hard to believe that she is now 18 months old and Oliver just passed the 6 month mark. If I keep this up, we will have to write about him being 7 months!

Time has certainly gone by pretty fast in our house. Spring is soon upon us. The days are getting longer. Though you wouldn't really believe it with the cold snap we continue to have. It hasn't been much over the mid 40's for the last several weeks. I shouldn't complain though, at least there isn't any snow on the ground and we seem to be past the "storm" stage. For now at least.

The kids are busy as ever. Emma-James is gearing up for Graduation from Pre-Kindergarten very soon. June will be around the corner before I know it. Owen is still....well....Owen. Stubborn as ever. We continue to motivate and push the "Potty" training, but he still continues to be stubborn about it. We have now told him we will no longer change his bum. He has to do everything. Wipe, clean, change. If we wants to go potty in his panties, then he will have to deal with the mess. It seems to be working. Slowly.

Olivia is doing fantastically in school. Though she is getting rather bored with the material she is learning, she loves being with her friends and of course her teacher. If school was year round and on weekends too, she would be very happy. We are seriously thinking (for both girls) what to do for the fall, its tough decision. Any and all ideas are appreciated.

Ezme and Oliver are of course growing like weeds. I will give them their own posts very soon. Lets just say, the baby stage for both of them are LONG GONE. Ugh.

Jason is hard at work as always. Time never seems to be on his side. We are currently struggling with our house and the issues of it being worth....NOTHING. The thoughts of ever moving into something bigger is really not even in the picture anymore. We don't qualify for anything. We need to figure out some things pretty soon. And one of them is maybe selling our house short sale and moving into a rental for a few years. The thought of that is less then appealing, but at least we could go somewhere there are better schools for the kids. We will see. Jason is such a great man, harder worker, and wonderful provider for his family. I just wish he could get a break. He deserves it.

Myself. I am busy keeping the house from falling under, and working on opening my business. Hoping I can get a good base of people who love my stuff and want to purchase it. I have good days of it selling, and bad days where no one will really want to purchase my items. I am having fun with it for sure, but knowing that all this beautiful stuff I am making could seriously just be something I will end up giving away, SUCKS!

I will hopefully sit down later on and really update my blog. Pictures of course. I have so much of course to tell you guys. Until then, I hope you enjoyed a little snip-it of what is going on.

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