Monday, March 14, 2011

Oliver 6 Months

I probably already wrote about all the wonderful things Oliver is doing at 6 months old. The most impressive being: rolling over EVERYWHERE, sitting up on his own and of course, trying desperately to crawl. The boy wants to go, go, go. He has officially decided that giving mommy a heart attack by sleeping on his belly is the way to go. Despite my attempts of flipping him over, he still managed to get back on his belly. Crazy boy.

We are currently still trying to feed him solids by spoon. Like his counterpart Ezme, he isn't at all interested. Instead, he screams in protest. Oh my dear little boy, you will like spoon. And fast. This month will be learning not only is the spoon good, but transitioning to a sippy. Big things happening.

Oliver, 6 months old. Handsome little fellow!

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