Friday, February 26, 2010

13 weeks

Gosh it feels weird to be already 13 weeks. I can't imagine where the time from when we found out (Christmas Night) up to this point has gone. I am hoping the next 20+ weeks fly by just as fast.

So an update for all of you loyal blog readers. Baby belly-button is doing great. I went last Friday at 12 weeks for my Nucal Test to make sure baby is healthy and growing as he/she should. And the testing came back terrific. A nucal test for those of you who may not be familiar, is an ultrasound where they measure the skin folds on the back of the baby's next. Its imperative that when you are receiving this test that you are between 11 and 13 weeks. Any older then this, the baby's folds begin to take shape to look more like a head and neck and they no longer can accurately get a measurement. Anything below a 3 is perfect and baby belly-button measured at 1.23 HURRAY!! So all is well. The next testing we are waiting for is the blood work that goes along with the ultrasound testing. Although I am not a big fan of the AFP testing (also known as Alpha Fetal Protein) as it has come back with bad readings since having Emma-James. So I don't base my little ones health around this test. Especially since having it with Anabelle and it came back fine. And we all know that was completely wrong. I also will be tested for a blood clotting disorder that my sister and mother have. Though it has not caused any problems in the past, they want to make sure and be more prepared just in case. Especially since I am so soon after having Ezme.

Right now baby is as big as a peach. Its hard to describe how big the baby is to Emma-James. She wants to know why the baby hasn't come out already and why it takes SUCH A LONG TIME!! As you can see, patience is not her biggest trait *smiles*. I found this really great application that I put on my Ipod. It tells you how big the baby is and what is forming and growing during each week. So this week, its as big as a Peach. When I told this to the kids, they thought it was a little weird that the baby is as big as a piece of fruit. Now Emma goes around telling everyone "mommy has a baby in her tummy, and its a peach" Gotta love her.

Not much else to report really. We have our level 2 ultrasound scheduled for the first week in April. We are still debating back and forth as to "should we find out" or "should we be surprised" I am pretty sure the way we roll we will find out. Though you never know, baby might not even want to participate in this weird parent ritual.

My blood pressure continues to be high which is a growing concern. I only have another week left and then I will be in my second trimester. They are hoping it will taper off during this time. If not, they will continue to monitor me and see how things go. The other concern they have is the fluid I have around my right overy. It seems that I had a cyst burst last Tuesday and that was the cause of my horrible and very painful discomfort. My Doctor said that the fluid was still there and to keep an eye out on continuing pain. I had some the other day but it seems to be better now. Lets just hope this doesn't cause problems later on during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Until then, I am scheduled to start seeing a new Doctor next month. My hurt still hurts that my Doctor will be leaving March 1st on maternity leave, but I understand and am so happy for her and her family. They will be expecting baby number 4 a girl in June!!

I guess for the next few weeks its just same old same old. I have blood work on Tuesday. The lovely 1 hour glucose test. Blah. I don't mind the drink, but when you have to do it twice, it kinda sucks. Other than that, its pretty quiet for the next week or so. Though I may jink myself for typing this. Hehe.

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