Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ezme is 5 months old

Gosh, its hard to believe how fast time has gone by since last month. Ezme is now 5 months old, and next month she will be a half a year old!!! Gosh, when did this happen. My little monkey is growing up so fast. She is a big smiler and loves to cuddle when she is super tired. She will snuggle on your chest and bury her head until she falls asleep. Such a sweetie. These are the things that she is working on or can do now at 5 months old:

*Loves to sit in her bumbo chair
*Loves to have people talk to her and carry her everywhere
*Loves to smile
*Does NOT take a morning nap at all
*Sleeps from 12pm-4pm and then again from 7pm-7:30am the next day
*Is almost ready to fully roll over from back to belly (FINALLY)
*Still eats about 6 bottles a day, but has gone from eating some solids, to refusing them all together.
*We have tried bananas and apple sauce and she hates both
*Is babbling and talking more to her big sisters and big brother
*Still has a bit of stranger anxiety, but if she realizes she is being held, then she doesn't seem to care
*Still favors mom over anyone, but loves her daddy too
*Does a fantastic job at grasping toys, putting her pacie in and out of her mouth
*Is able to sit up on her own (short period of time)

Weight is about 12 lbs 14 oz.
Height is about 24 inches

All in all, she is doing fantastically as being the "baby" in the family. I would say she takes this roll very seriously *smiles* It is going to seem very weird in a few short months to have a not quit one year old and a newborn all over again. But I have a feeling they will be lasting and best friends. One can only hope.


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