Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Appointment Today

I went to go see the nurse midwife/ultrasound tech. today at Broadway OB/GYN. I had to have a bunch of things done today. One being an ultrasound to check baby and see how strong the heartbeat is!!! Baby Belly-Button is doing fantastically. The heartrate was a strong 156 beats per minute and baby is growing like a week. Now measuring around a day ahead. Grow baby grow! Though my blood pressure was yet to be desired at 130/80. The highest its been in a very long time. Thankfully its still early in the pregnancy, but we will monitor it closely just to make sure. Especially since I at the time of getting pregnant, I was only 3 months out of having Ezme, they will monitor my blood pressure among other things a little more closely just to make sure that I and the baby are doing well.

I also had to have some blood work done. The normal routine stuff you have to go through during early pregnancy. Next week I will be seeing the doctors at the PDC in Providence for a Nucal test as well as the inter graded blood serum. This gives us information to see how the baby is doing and if we should be concerned with any potential issues such as T18 or down syndrome. As many of you know, we would continue on with the pregnancy regardless of complications or illness and as always pray for the best. But this is our child, and we like Anabelle, will love them no matter what!

So for now its a pretty quiet time. I will go see my favorite doctor one last time in two weeks. And then continue most likely to stay in the practice until I deliver. I will miss her dearly, but honestly, with all the bouncing around I have done in the past, I think I just rather deal with the motions and wait it out. In the end, I have a little baby to hold, despite the doctors, I think at this point, I can honestly say, I know a little more then them right now. This might come off as being prissy and know-it-all ish. But honestly, with all I have been through, the testing I have done, this is really an old hat for me. I am not saying I don't learn something new each time. But its funny that sometimes I will have to remind the doctors about certain things because they themselves have forgotten.

I'll keep everyone posted of course on how things are going. Blood pressure aside, I am still feeling great!


  1. Please tell me that 180/30 for your blood pressure is a typo.

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  3. Tanya, if you read this again, it was a typo. I completely didn't even realize it until I was sleeping last night. My blood pressure was 130/80. Which is still high. But not as bad as it usually gets just yet.