Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hanging Around

Want to see just how strong my 9 Month Old little guy is?





This is Ollie at 9 months old hanging onto our shower curtain rod in the bathroom. The boy has always had a tight, firm grip to him. We just never knew how strong it truly was until we saw that he could literally grasp onto the bar for a good 30 seconds before letting go. All of the pictures are of him hanging on his own. I am right next to him to catch him so he wasn't harmed at all. He actually thought this was fun and got extremely angry when daddy and I said he was all done.

Future something for sure. FOOTBALL? HOCKEY? HEAVY WEIGHT? Who knows. But I wouldn't want to be messing around with him. At 23 pounds, would you?

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  1. Mine isn't 9 months, but he loves to hang also. We hung a trapeze bar at his height. We say our Oliver is a future gymnast as he is a stealth 25 pounds at age 2.