Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Day Challenge (Day 2)

Ugh, I almost wish I had more to do upstairs. Downstairs makes me crabby. I think its because its the most *USED* part of the house. Everything just gets thrown all around. Shoved onto the dining room table, into nooks and crannies. Drives me batty to say the least. So today's challenge will actually be a challenge. Finding a place for everything!! Especially kitchen stuff. If you have not had the pleasure to visit my house, then you should know that my laundry room, kitchen, bathroom is on the same floor. In fact, you could even say the laundry room and bathroom are in the kitchen. Plus not to mention the cellar stairs is right off the kitchen so you see them ALL THE TIME. My goal is to get as much done as possible. The good part is I can do the bathroom in the evening after the kids go to bed if I have too. Wish me luck. What is your challenge for the day?


Downstairs Laundry Room and Kitchen

*Wash, fold, put all clean laundry away
*Clean laundry cabinets (keep, donate, sell, throw-away
*Sort through kitchen cabinets (keep, donate, sell, throw-away)
*Clean spice and decoration cupboard
*Organize "junk drawers"
*Wash walls and trim
*Scrub floors

Cellar Stairs

*Clean cellar stairs (keep, donate, sell, throw away)
*Paint (wont start this tomorrow, but will get done before summer is out)
*Wash down walls, vacuum stairs


*Organize linen closet (everything to fit onto one shelf)keep, throw-out
*Organize sink cabinet (Diapers, wipes, essentials) keep, throw-out
*Major scrubbing of toilet, shower, sink, tub, floor
*Wash walls and trim

*UPDATE* Its been a S*L*O*W process all day long today. I really have only managed to get the rest of the kids dressers cleaned and organized. I finished the last load of laundry and will be folding and putting everything away momentarily. I also went through the basket of socks. Which if you know me, I absoultely DREAD!! But its finished. I ended up throwing a lot of "strays" away, but in the end, its probably a good idea. The kids need new socks come this fall anyways.

I am going to keep chugging through until supper. Goal will be to feed the kiddos, get them washed up and in bed by 6pm and then finish as much as I can before I drop at 11pm tonight. Hopefully hubby can come home and help me a bit and get me back on track. I am thinking the cellar stairs will have to wait until tomorrow at least. Maybe even the weekend. I hate those darn stairs!!

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