Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Day Challenge (Day 3)

Today's challenge should be a lot easier then days 1 and 2. My goal today is to finish anything that I didn't get to on Tuesday plus accomplish the living room and dining room. Which are by far the two easiest rooms in the entire house.


Living Room

*Clean floors
*Wash down TV Cabinet
*Wash windows and mirrors
*Organize School Closet

Dining Room

*Clean Floors (Including polish. Needs a few protective coats)
*Wash down dining room table and chairs
*Wash windows
*Organize Computer desk

*Projects I didn't accomplish on Tuesday:

*Clean spice and decoration cupboard
*Organize "junk drawers"
*Wash walls and trim
*Scrub floors
*Clean Fridge, Ovens and Stove Top

Cellar Stairs (Possibly waiting until hubby takes Friday off to help)

*Clean cellar stairs (keep, donate, sell, throw away)
*Paint (wont start this tomorrow, but will get done before summer is out)
*Wash down walls, vacuum stairs


*Organize linen closet (everything to fit onto one shelf)keep, throw-out
*Organize sink cabinet (Diapers, wipes, essentials) keep, throw-out
*Major scrubbing of toilet, shower, sink, tub, floor
*Wash walls and trim

**UPDATE** Things are going well today. Kids have been really good. Olivia is helping me "baby-sit" the other kiddos while I clean downstairs. MONEY is her motivation. She picks up after them and makes sure the upstairs stays clean for me all the while earning some spending money in the process. This adventure cost me $2 bucks, but I told her that if she keeps helping me out, she can earn .50 cents everything she does what she is asked. I might be broke by summers end, but its worth it. I think I might even have Emma and Owen on board when they figure out Olivia is earning money to buy herself something. Who knows. Taking a little break, might finish up after kiddos go to bed. Not sure. But happy to know I will have it done by tonight *smiles*

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