Friday, July 1, 2011

Challenge Day (5)

This is my last "official" day for my 5 day challenge. This was honestly the best week ever. I feel so free of the clutter that has managed to accumulate in my house. Clothes that didn't have a home, toys that needed to be packed away, thrown away, given away. "STUFF" that just didn't feel it belonged here anymore.

Now that everything is put away, labeled, cleaned up, thrown-out just gives me this "free" feeling. Though I am not quiet finished yet. I am thinking that if all goes well, I might extend my challenge into this weekend and all of next week. And give myself another 5 day challenge. This time instead of cleaning, it involves PAINTING! I love to paint, so for me its not so much a "choir" as it is relaxing. I would like to get the furniture in the kids bedrooms painted, the bathroom needs to be finished (the painters that we hired never finished the job!!) Go around touching up spots. Though I promise myself to take Tuesday off because I am going out with the mom's from Emma's Pre-K. We are having a play-date at the Zoo!!! Until then, here is my last full days worth of challenges.


Car and Inside of House

*Clean inside of car: vacuum, dust and steam clean rugs
*steam clean couch and love seat
*wash bedding
*fix all screen windows/doors (girls bedroom, babies room, our room, sliding glass door)
*fix front of fireplace
*clean cellar stairs
*put up molding in bathroom
*fix curtain rod in master bedroom
*organize shed!
*tidy up backyard

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