Sunday, July 3, 2011


If you have kept up with my postings on facebook then you would know that Friday evening our kitty had not yet come back home from being outside all day. We really didn't think anything of it. He tends to stay outside all night sleeping under the van or at our neighbors house on the porch. Sadly though, he still hadn't come home by breakfast time on Saturday morning. Which for Boo is not like him at all. We continued to call him through Saturday and he still hadn't turned up.

Jason and I are beside ourselves. We truly feel (though many of you might feel differently) that their is a cloud of doom I guess you could say over our heads these last few years. We are truly heartbroken over the loss of Boo. I haven't slept much since Friday and I am trying hard to keep it "together" while around the kids. I miss him. He was the first pet Jason and I got together as a family. We found him by accident after Jason's mom died. A friend for Olivia to enjoy before Anabelle's arrival. Little did we know just how much Boo would do for *US* throughout the years. I really hope he is just stranded in someone's garage and will turn up after the holiday. Chances are though, he is gone for good.

I am just heartbroken. Life is so unfair and this just seems to be the ultimate for us these days. When will it end?

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