Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

This was our 2nd year heading to the parade in Cumberland. Even though we managed to arrive just 5 minutes before the parade was "intended" to start, we still managed to find our favorite spot to sit while getting the kids settled. AWESOME!! As always, the kids had a great time. Except for when they shot off the gun powdered guns. They could have done without that noise for sure.

Our family photo. Hard to believe that time last year I was pregnant with Oliver and Ezme was Ollie's age. Weird! Notice our "theme" Daddy is "Red" the kiddos are "White" and I am "Blue" They kids even made their T-Shirts!

Olivia and Owen looking to see if the parade has started yet

The gang all excited because the parade was finally under way. Ezme was right into it up until the loud noise from the firetrucks

Our 4th of July firecrackers! Olivia (8) Emma-James (5) Owen (3) Ezme (21 months) Oliver (10 months)

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