Saturday, July 16, 2011

Still Here

I was hoping with Jason home all week with us that I would have some time to update here on what is going on. Sadly, no. Though we really didn't do much around the house, it was just nice to do exactly that. Nothing. I sewed a few orders, cleaned and organized the upstairs and most of the downstairs. Did laundry. I got stuck working on Ezme and Oliver's birthday stuff so that kept me busy straight through part of the week. I don't want to let things linger and then the week before their birthday I am in a mad dash to get everything finished up. My goal the week before is to do a massive overhaul on my house. Why you ask? Well because many of the people who are coming have not ever been to my house or have only been once. So of course I want it to shine!!!

This weekend is spend getting ready so we can head to Maine on Monday to see family. Hoping to finish up the rest of the house, including laundry and pack. Vacuum out the car and make sure everything is ready to go on Sunday night so we can leave early Monday morning. The backyard and front yard could use a little bit of "love" on our parts. Trees from our neighbors yard need to be trimmed, lawn needs to be mowed, flowers and garden need some weeding. If time is on my side I would even like to start painting the shed and front door. I am hoping that in the evenings I can put together birthday invitations and have them in the mail before we leave. I hate to have that linger for a week while we are gone. It will depend though if hubby can get what I need finished and printed off. We will see.

We also have a few "drop in" parties to attend this weekend as well. One is a summer party at Emma's friends' house, the other a graduation party for Jason's cousin. Should be fun!!

Time to get a move on with my list of "To Do's" Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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