Thursday, June 24, 2010

30 Weeks!! The Countdown Begins

30 weeks today. Seriously?? Where in the heck did the last 30 weeks go. This pregnancy is just flying by so fast. Usually by now I am in full Nesting mode. With the bedroom ready, clothes ready to be unpacked and in some cases, even in the drawers by now. Car seat out, washed and ready to go. This time around though, I have been so busy with the month of June and all the different activities and craziness that I just haven't had much time to think about "NESTING" for this little one. Now that things are starting to finally come to a close and my weekends are less busy and stressful, I am sure things will start to pick up.

Its hard to believe that in just 8 or 9 short weeks we will be bringing out 6th baby home!! CRAZY!! I never in a million years thought we would ever be blessed with 6 little ones to call ours. Never thought we would have five beautiful babies here to be ours to love and care for. And never in my wildest dreams thought I would have two little ones so close in age and less then a year apart.

The time seems so far away, yet I know how close it really is. With all that the summer has in store for us the weeks will just fly by. The 4th of July is just around the corner and then we will be heading to Maine shortly after that for a week to help celebrate my grandfather's 90th Birthday. After that my closest friend and her family will be visiting us at the end of July for a few days. So the month of July is pretty much covered.

After this, Olivia will be in Girl Scout camp for two weeks. And then we have two weeks to get things together and ready before little man shows up.

I am hoping to accomplish a few things over the next few weeks. One being getting the house back in order from the last few weeks of craziness. Then Jason and I want to cut all the trees in the backyard down and put up a new wooden fence. We would not only like to do this in the back of the yard, but also cover up the metal fence as well. The kiddos are pretty good about NOT climbing it. But sometimes every once in awhile I catch Owen or Emma-James trying to get over the fence into our neighbors yard and I rather be safe then sorry. Plus this gives us a little more "privacy".

Next of course is getting ready for baby. I still need to dig out clothes, get the car seat ready and CLEAN OUT MY VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also wouldn't mind getting some odds and ends done around the house. Painting trim, touching up paint spots.

I also want to get things together for the first few months of Girl Scouts and of course Olivia and school. And my biggest goal is to start potty training Owen. Though he is being rather stubborn about the whole thing. For now, we are just working on the "pulling up and down the pants" and not being scared of the potty. I am sure things will come together soon. He so badly wants to go to school with Emma-James in the fall, so I think he will be more motivated as the time approaches. It definitely would be nice to have only two in diapers for sure!

After my appointment next week, I will be seeing my OB every two weeks until I am 35 weeks and then its every week then on out. I am hoping my regular doctor will be back from maternity leave and I will get lucky enough to have her deliver me again. She is such a sweetie and I really love her to death. Lets pray. I will find out next Tuesday if she will be back in time!!

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