Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Emma-James last day of Nursery School

Emma-James had her last day of nursery school today. She was able to invite a parent and choose daddy. Stating that "Mommy, you always come with me, lets give Daddy a chance instead" So happily daddy went. Of course, she is daddy's girl through and through so she was really delighted that he went. Jason said she sang her little heart out and was so proud of all of her accomplishments. I have to say I am too. She had done so wonderfully since January. She really caught up with her language skills. As well as her comprehension. She is now able to tell us the colors and shapes and starting to work hard on her picture drawings that actually resemble us. Of course we are going to be working with her extra hard this summer to give her that extra boost she needs for when she starts Pre-K. Until then, here are a few photos of her special time with daddy.

Getting ready for snack time. It was ICE CREAM DAY at school

Singing her heart out to the audience (aka moms and dads)

Getting nervous. Not sure about what

Last day of school picture in front of Cherry Hill Pre-School

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