Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy Life and Girl Scout Carnival

Sorry for the lack of writing these past few weeks. I have been CRAZY busy (as always of course) working on the yard and of course cleaning inside the house. Things have gotten so insane that I find myself wondering where the days go. By the time Jason gets home from work, the kids bathed, fed and in bed. Its already 7pm. Most nights we have even crept into the 8pm range. Its insanity I tell you. My time spend cleaning, organizing and all together getting the house and the yard in shape was due to the fact that I organized a GIRL SCOUT CARNIVAL at my home on Memorial Day. I wanted to get a chance for any new comers that would like to join girl scouts to get to know myself and the other area Johnston leaders before the start of the new school year. As much as it makes since to sign up in the fall. It also kind of sucks too. You don't get as much time to get to know the new kiddos. And of course, it doesn't give the parents the time to get to know you and what girl scouts is all about. So I thought what better way to get the community involved then to do an OPEN HOUSE. I invited about 40 or so girls to the event and about 20 girls showed up.

As with every new "PLANNED" event, the first year is always the "work out the kinks" year. We know what we will do next year, what worked, and what didn't. Foods to serve and such. All in all though, I have very little to complain about. Next year should be even more fun as Emma-James will be gearing up for kindergarten and her little friends from Pre-School have already asked me about signing up their daughters. Plus the best part, is they have little girls Ezme's age which makes it even more fun for when she starts Girl Scouts. So I am really looking forward to that.

Some of the girls taking a break from the games and eating their lunch

Fiona playing the duck game in my backyard pond

Some of the Girls playing the Bean Bag Toss

We had a wonderful morning/afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a great time gathering lots of fun prizes and playing the games. Next year I hope to have even more fun things planned for the event. A balloon artist, bounce house and even more games are in the works. Plus I wont have it on a holiday so that will help.

The year though is coming to a close. With only two more meetings until our Bridging Ceremony on the 19th things are getting a little crazy. I will be sad to see the girls go for the summer. But with all the things that need to be done before baby arrives, and the fact that the summer heat is already killing me. I will be glad to have a few weeks off to get some much needed things accomplished.

We have another busy weekend planned as we head into Summer Birthday Part mode starting tomorrow and then a Baptism/Birthday on Sunday. Should be VERY interesting and I will be posting lots I am sure over the weekend. Until then. Have a great Friday everyone.


  1. Need Pictures......
    Carnival, Kids, Baby belly, Ultrasound.........Please

  2. Didn't get any pics from the Carnival. Hubby's battery died on the camera. Will get pics of the kiddos hopefully this weekend. Ultrasound pictures. Well I have none of those. Hoping to have one soon. Lazy doctor I have this time around.