Saturday, June 19, 2010

Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

All the preparations and hard work paid off in what I hope and pray was a beautiful and fun afternoon for all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and family that were able to join us in our girls bridging ceremony from daisy girl scouts to brownie girl scouts.

Though the day was hectic and started my morning pretty early. About 5:30am. I am really happy that everything seemed to go off without major catastrophe. All my girls did a fantastic job! They were so pretty in their uniforms and I couldn't have asked for them to be more well behaved then they were that day. They sang all of there songs to perfection and even did a fantastic job during their candle ceremony. I am truly honored to have such a wonderful group of girls and will dearly miss them over the summer break. I cannot wait to get started again this fall and begin more new and exciting adventures. Until then, enjoy some of the photos that we (or rather my husband) was able to capture during today's ceremony.

The table decorations. Complete with butterfly clay pots. I had to paint 70 of these little turkeys. But managed to get them all done. And they came out beautifully. They were either green wings with pink middles or pink wings with green middles. Everything was color coordinated. Complete with hot pink or hot green table clothes and butterfly candies that went into each pot. How pretty are they!!

The guests

All 8 cakes, yes you read right 8 CAKES were hand made and decorated by myself and my co-leader Jessie. Without her, I think I would have gone insane!! She did a fantastic job helping me and did all the frosting making herself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Each cake went on one of the 8 tables.

The other cake. Notice how they were too color coordinated to match the clay pots I painted. I know, I am weird. But I enjoyed doing this so much. And I loved that the girls and their families had such a great time. That all that matters.

The candle ceremony!

The girls did a great job learning their songs and singing them for their families. There numbers were:

The Girl Scout Promise
Something in my Pocket
Black Socks
Alice the Camel
Make new Friends

Of course I couldn't let them not have props for each song, at least a few of the songs. So for Black Socks, I managed to score a package of black socks for each of the girls to hold up. Best part, they were Owen's size so he is able to use them come this winter!! SCORE. For the song "Something in my Pocket" each of the girls colored their own pair of "Smile Faces" that I laminated and out a Popsicle stick backing onto the back for them to hold to their face. They were so adorable. And each set of smiles really captured the girls true artistic talents and uniqueness about them. Something I really love. Especially Olivia's. Who decided on the day we decorated them that she wanted to color hers green. When I asked her why, she told me because they looked like peas and not lips and teeth. That's my girl. Going against the grain. LOL. And for our last song, the girls each had a silver and gold ribbon tied around their wrists representing the song "MAKE NEW FRIENDS, BUT KEEP THE OLD, ONE IS SILVER AND THE OTHER GOLD" When they sang the song for the last time, they made a circle representing "THE CIRCLE IS ROUND, IT HAS NO END, THATS HOW LONG I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND." It was really sweet.

Olivia, Kasandra, Jamilyn, and Jasmine Singing "BLACK SOCKS"

Sharon, Victoria, Hope, Haylee and Fiona Singing "BLACK SOCKS"

Fiona and Madisyn Singing "BLACK SOCKS"

After their singing, the girls each spoke about a pedal and the color the pedal represented. They then had to light a candle and then retire their pedal on the board. They truly made me tear up during this. They were so grown-up reading their cards and retiring their "colors".

Our retired DAISY pedals

Picture of all my girls in their DAISY UNIFORMS (From Left to Right) Olivia, Kasandra, Jamilyn, Jasmine, Sharon, Victoria, Hope, Haylee, Fiona, and Madisyn.

Picture of all my girls in their BROWNIE UNIFORMS (From Left to Right) Same as ABOVE

Olivia with her new Brownie Sash

Ahhh. Its bittersweet. As the time starts new in the fall as Brownies. I am reminded how quickly the next two years will go by and I will be doing this again. Not only for Olivia who will be bridging to Juniors, but for Emma-James and her troop who will be bridging to Brownies. And lets not forget Miss. Ezme who is just around the corner. Ugh, stop growing up girls!!!!!!!!

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