Tuesday, June 15, 2010

9 Month Check-Up

Ezme had her 9 month well baby visit today. Her stats were:

Weight:19 lbs 7 oz
Height: 27 inches

She did fantastically at the Doctors today too! Our pediatrician was so impressed at how quickly and might I add how healthy she has been. No phone calls or concerns with the little stinker for 3 months. For her, that's a record. If you remember correctly, Ezme was struggling since just a few weeks old with a lot of congestion and respiratory problems. We had her on numerous medications to help her breathing as well as the nebulizer for most of the winter up until even her last appointment in March. We think a lot of it has to do with how late my doctor insisted on waiting to deliver her. Due to her fast birth, she might have had a few underlying issues that were never addressed because she didn't show distress or signs right away. And her constant breathing problems and gunky sounding chest were chalked up to being born almost near the beginning of winter and flu season. Not to mention having 3 other kiddos at home. Now that we have really looked at all the facts, both of us feel the same way. We are going to watch this little guy closely and make sure that we stay clear of a lot of the issues we had with Ezme. Not that we weren't able to work through them. We just don't want to see this little guy struggle like Ezme did. Especially if we can prevent most of it from happening.

Both of us are really impressed with her skills as of late. Crawling, babbling, clapping, interacting with her siblings. Taking control when she feels she can. But also backing down when she finds that she cannot take charge. Its funny to watch this kind of interaction with her and her older siblings. They all have really seemed to find their ways amongst each other. And asserting themselves. All of them trying to be the "oldest" and the "boss". I definitely have the "Take Charge" kind of kiddos. I don't really see any of them being quick or the "sit in the back of the class" type of kids.

Ezme is about 2 months ahead of the. So that makes me happy knowing that she really caught up so quickly in the last 3 months. She is very much a happy baby and I love watching her grow and change everyday. I can't wait to see what the next three months have in store for her. Will she walk before her first birthday? Only time will tell!!

During our visit today too, I asked about having the kiddos lead numbers checked. Because we received such high numbers on our lead water test. I wanted to make sure there wasn't any concerns. Of course Ezme could have cared less, and Owen was the same way. Emma-James worked herself up in such a frenzy. I was so angry, they took her in by herself and shut the door. I was one angry momma!!! They said it was for Owen and Ezme's benefit. But I told them, listen. They don't care, and don't ever do that again. I hate this person who does the blood work for my doctors office. And honestly, no one else likes them either. But what can you do. Expect complain, and complain I did. Next time they better watch out. Hormonal mother on the rebound. I wont let you get away with it a second time let me tell you!!

***UPDATE*** The kiddos test results came back in. Hurray, there numbers were terrific. They all scored a 2. AWESOME. I am so happy. We will continue to use the filter and be thankful we spend the extra money on it. Boy has it come in handy.

Binky baby!

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