Sunday, October 17, 2010

Duck Race

Last month Jason purchased a "duck" in the annual Duck Race for the Boys and Girls Club of Cumberland. I thought it would be a lot of fun for Owen to see 5,000 ducks be dropped into the river. His three favorite things were involved this afternoon, His love of Ducks, his love of trucks, and his love of water. Seriously, who could ask for more.

I was waiting for tears to be shed. His love for ducks (and penguins) is so huge that I was betting on tears watching the ducks go down the river and him not being able to hold or touch them. I was surprised when when no tears where shed. Just sadness for his ducks that he wanted to bring home. Could you imagine, 5,000 ducks in my house. Where in the world would we put them all???

Here is some great pictures my hubby took of the event. Enjoy!

The lift attached to the metal box that is holding the 5,000 yellow ducks

Getting into place

And let the drop begin....The rest of the pictures are snapped in sequence






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