Friday, October 8, 2010

Ezme 13 Months

A month flew by so fast. It's now October. The leaves are starting to slowly change colors, the weather outside is getting both colder during the day, but even more so at night. We have replaced our air conditioners with space heaters. Our summer sheets for flannel and our warm clothes for sweaters and winter jackets. In was so cold yesterday that we had to actually give both girls there winter jackets to wear for school. So glad I did too, it never really got warm enough to wear a thin jacket.

With a new month upon us. My kiddos continue to grow at leaps and bounds. Changing everyday. Ezme is now 13 months old. Oliver will soon be 5 weeks old and Owen will be turning 3 in just a few short weeks. I have stopped asking myself "how can this possibly be." I know the answer. But it still makes me sad. They grow up so quickly.

Ezme is no exception. It seems from her first birthday until now she is doing some pretty awesome things. The biggest one being Ezme is WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give her a few days and she will be doing it 100% of the time. Just this morning she walked from our front door into the kitchen. Its safe to say she is double trouble mobile now. Though I see a lot of fun in her future. Now with this extra sense of freedom she will really be able to keep up with her older siblings.

She is expressing her feelings a lot more vocally. Talking up a storm. Mommy, Daddy, sisa (sister), cat, dog, up. She waves hi and bye-bye. Loves to cuddle. Loves her daddy and gets so excited when he comes home from work. She is finally drinking from a straw with ease (surprisingly took longer then the other kiddos who managed to do this at 9 months old). Loves anything food wise. Still wakes up in the middle of the night at least once, but goes right back to sleep.

She is really a sweet pea with a lot of love and snuggles to give. We will be celebrating her 1st birthday a little late along with Owen's 3rd birthday in a few weeks. I am sure she will be the life of the party. Hamming it up for the crowd. For now though, the princess is napping and mommy must go take some fun pictures to post later on. If only I knew how to do video!

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