Friday, October 29, 2010

2 Months Old

Oliver is two months old today!! I can my usual "Time has flown by so fast" and its true. I have tried extra hard this time to enjoy the "newborn" part of this journey, but no matter how much I hold him, love on him, sleep with him in our bed, carry him around, its just goes from birth to bam 2 months old, then 3 months, then before you look, its been a year and they are walking and talking. Hate it, just hate it.

But on a brighter note, Mr. Ollie himself is doing fantastic. At his last weigh in he was at 11 lbs 11 oz. Made a little wish on his little belly of course. I am sure you guys are already guessing what I wished for too....Hehe!

He has recently come down with his first little cold. Mostly head/eye congestion. Hoping it will clear up in a few days. So far, its already looking (and sounding) better then it did on Wednesday morning. So we shall see.

Oliver is really enjoying his new crib in mommy and daddy's room. I am really impressed at how quickly he will just fall asleep. Thank heavens we don't have to wrap him up anymore. And it was a short lived adventure. About two weeks. So not too bad. I am glad little man will be joining us for a bit longer. At least until he is 8 months old. So no rush on moving him anytime soon. Thank heavens.
We are enjoying our weekend with fun Halloween adventures and cleaning/organizing the house. Should be fun times!

Sleeping Oliver 2 months old

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