Friday, January 13, 2012

First Pictures

Someone on a community blog I read often had posted a fun post. She said "post your babies first picture that you took yourself" not your husband, parents, grandparents, friends. I thought this was something worth going through my pictures and taking a look. Usually Jason is the one to take all the photos since I am not a huge fan of his camera. However, I did manage to find a picture of each of the kiddos shortly after they were born that I took myself. Its fun to look back and see how much they look alike but how different they really are.

Olivia 1 day old (In the hospital)

Anabelle 19 days old November 2004 (First Day home from Hospital)

Emma-James 14 days old (trying out the new car seat)

Owen 10 days old (First major outing at Roger Williams Zoo)

Ezme 3 days old (Coming home from the Hospital)

Oliver 5 days old (hanging out on the rug of our living room)

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