Sunday, March 28, 2010

17 weeks 3 days

It has come to my realization that I really haven't posted much on "Baby-Belly Button." So I thought I would take a few minutes to update those of you who have kindly asked how I am doing.

Things are going GREAT! Honestly. I truly have very little to complain about. I have been feeling fantastic. The joy's of pregnancy sickness never even once visited me this time around. And after seven pregnancies, it truly was a much welcomed change in my life. I really don't know how I would have managed things around me if I was sick in the beginning. To say I am grateful for this would be an understatement. I can 100% without doubt say that Jason is for sure. Life has been going as if nothing is about to change in our lives in just 23 weeks (or less as the case is with me).

I finally started feeling little button move around with tiny flutters about 2 weeks ago. But it finally has picked up enough during the night that its more often and more ritual like right around 11pm when I am ready to hit the hay. I am looking a bit more "pregnant" now with a tiny bump. I am really surprised that I haven't shown sooner then this like I have with the other kiddos. I usually popped out big time right around 14 weeks give or take. So for me, its a little weird to be going on this long and still not really have much of a "belly." What is even more strange, is I am still fitting in all of my regular clothes with no problems at all. I guess I should count that as my blessings right now, as money is a tad tight to go out and buy a pair of pants that will fit. Thankfully the summer is around the corner, so I can wait until then.

I have also managed to drop almost my weight off from when I was pregnant with Ezme and start back at my weight I was before I got pregnant with her. Its really weird that at 17 weeks I have managed to drop almost 10 pounds. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I mean, I was never sick to loose the weight to begin with. Who knows. I had one nurse practitioner said that I was "fat" and that I didn't need to gain any weight during this pregnancy. I was so hurt I wont even go into it right now. For those who know me well, I don't take well to doctors in RI very well. So it wasn't a surprise to my husband when I spoke my mind up and told her exactly how that isn't possible. Between the baby weighing between 7-9 pounds, and fluid about 4 pounds, and placenta about 4 pounds, ITS NOT LIKELY EVEN IF I STARVE MYSELF that I will not gain some weight. Grrr, I hate stupid people.

Anyways, things are looking great. We go for our level 2 ultrasound in 2 weeks. Can't wait. My parents have graciously offered to stay the extra day and watch the kiddos for us in the morning so Jason and I can "FINALLY" go to an appointment together. Something we haven't been able to do since having Owen. Which really sucks, because I loved having him with me, and he really enjoyed being a part of my pregnancy.

I also have been tested for Gestational diabetes early as always and passed. I will have a repeat test around 32 weeks. My doctor also was sweet enough to test me for Protrombin factor 2. This is because both my mom and my sister tested positive for this and they wanted to make sure that I didn't have it. Well, I do. Its pretty rare and hereditary. It could make things now that doctors know a bit more challenging during delivery. Though, I have had 5 perfect deliveries in the past. Almost text book. So I am not sure they would really do anything different. We will find out next week though when I go and see the hematologist. There are a few speculations on my part of why I have never been affected by this. So it will be interesting to see if I am right on any of them next week. I just pray the doctor 1)speaks English and 2) is NICE. Next week its just a meet and family history visit. So who knows what will happen after that. More blood work maybe?

Until then. I enjoying feeling great and having energy that I desperately need to keep up with 4 kiddos, the house, and girl scouts. Though I pulled something in my back about a week ago that is making walking and bending extra difficult, I work through the pain during the day, and try to take it easy once Jason gets home. Even with him telling me to stay still, its hard. I am a mover, not a sitter.

Right now we are working on deciding if we should move children around upstairs. Its been a long decision and we still are unsure if we are ready to give up our master bedroom. After all, Ezme will be sharing a room with Owen for a good long time before the new baby is ready to make the transition from our room to the crib. So we have that extra time to think about where everyone may or may not go. Until then, the biggest item on our agenda is working toward saving some extra do, ra, me so we can put the addition on the back of the house. My goal is by the end of summer or before the new baby comes. Jason's goal, is by this time next year. Lets see who beats whom!!

Until then. We are just waiting patiently and enjoying our time as a family of 6. Hard to believe that in just a few short months, we will be a family of 7. How crazy is that????

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