Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rhode Island Home Show

Unfortunately we weren't able to accomplish all that was on my list yesterday. The downstairs is still looking horrible (as always) though we were able to finish the entire 1,000 loads of laundry (ok, I joke, it was more like 10) and do a few odds and ends. But at last, the downstairs is less then desirable. Last night I had said to Jason that we were just going to stay home and clean, clean, clean. When I woke up today, I dreaded all the cleaning the was left to do in the house. I haven't really gone anywhere for over a week. I am feeling rather cooped up. And of course the rain isn't helping much at all. So I decided when I woke up with the kiddos this morning, that we indeed would head to the home show in Providence. Though we really don't "need" to go. I mean, what more do we need to do to our home (except demolish the darn thing) other then a few odds and ends. Honestly, the kids LOVE it there. Its like going to Disney World minus the expense. They get all kinds of free junk. Papers, pencils, rubber ducks. You name it, they get it. And for the price, they have a good time. Plus, there are a few things this year I want to check out. One of them being "Organizing your house with all the space available" I would say I have my house pretty organized, but I wouldn't mind learning a few new tricks. Especially in the kitchen area. This area especially can always use some help when it comes to keeping the clutter at bay. As much as I really "SHOULD" stay home and clean, knowing I only have tonight and Jason has to work so I loose his help and most of tomorrow, it kind of sucks. But I will deal with the consequences when I return. Until then, I am going to go out and have some fun darn it!!

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  1. Good for you !!! The cleaning and organizing can wait. I mean really, where is it going to go?