Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess Who is sitting up on their Own......

EZME!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks its true, Ezme is now a pro at sitting up on her own. She started yesterday morning with the kids playing on the floor in the living room. But I was sure that she needed at least another 2 weeks before she mastered the skill of balance. Was I wrong!!! By last night she has managed to stay up for a good 30 minutes before knocking over. It was late, and she was tired. So off to bed we went. But this morning, she managed to be picked up, placed on the floor and sat there forever. Balancing herself on her own, making adjustments based on where her body was moving. Picking up toys and playing with them with no problems. I think she is loving this new found freedom of hers, and especially loves that she can interact more now with her big sisters and big brother. I really thought she would be a late "bloomer" in this area considering she has all together left rolling over in the dust. She refuses to even try, and I figured if she wanted to do it, she will on her own terms. So I really didn't expect her to sit up on her own so quickly. So this means pretty soon we can ditch bringing the car seat into stores and have her sit in the big girl carts. I tell you, its going by so fast!!! Anyways, here is a few pictures of the big girl in action!

Mommy, look at my new skills!

"Mommy, take picture of me and ducky!" (Owen and ducky)

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