Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For those that Guessed.......Emma-James

In the photo above is CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Our 4 year old bundle of energy is the life of the party ALL THE TIME. At first, shy and quiet when it came to new situations and new faces. Is now the most outgoing, loudest, and free willed of the bunch. She is not afraid to say NO and tell you exactly how she feels about everything. She is curious, stubborn and testy. She is a free thinker for sure and doesn't really seem to enjoy sitting down for more then 30 seconds at a time. She has very little attention for anything unless it has to do with animals or dragons. I am trying desperately to get her in the habit of "schooling" for when she truly starts kindergarten. But she will have nothing of it. Her attention seems best when I am cooking. SHE LOVES TO COOK, WATCH YOU COOK, or PRETEND TO COOK. Doesn't matter. Cooking truly seems to be her passion in life. At least for now. Though it has seemed this way well over the last 2 years. So who knows. She is also very much an outdoor girl. Sometimes we will catch the little monkey outside at 6:30 am with nothing but her pj's and sneakers on. She loves to play and run and just all around enjoy being outside. Cooping her up in the house ends in many fights and lots of time outs. Lets not forget the messes she makes. Jason and I affectionately call her "Tornado Emma." Everything she touches seems to turn into a mess in 10 seconds flat. We don't know how she does it. But we can honestly say, its all her!! I wont lie, she on occasion, makes me *very* mentally tired. She loves to argue so much, that sometimes something so simple as giving her lunch can turn into a battlefield. Ahhhh, I only wonder what she will be like as she gets older. Heaven help me.

Some pictures of my sweet but LOUD 4 year old!

Emma-James 9 months

Emma-James 13 months

Emma-James 17 months (She wasn't too thrilled about being on the grass, but she still wasn't walking yet at this time)

Emma-James Finally WALKING 19 months

Bath time 2 years 1 month

Emma-James 2 1/2 (This folks is where it all began. True Defiance!)

Emma-James 3 years old (on my cell phone calling who knows)

Emma-James 3 1/2

As much as she gives me a headache and soon will put gray hairs on my head. She is truly lovable and loves life more then most. She will never allow someone tell her how to run her life and I am proud that she is able to be such a strong little girl in such a tough world. Keep it up little girl. You are definitely going to go places for sure!

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