Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fantastic Weekend

This weekend was amazing. Not just because we finally got out of the house and left the cleaning for another day. But the sun was shinning, the weather was beautiful and we had Daddy all weekend long.

We started off our weekend with a trip to Boston on Saturday mid-morning to attend the Baby Fair. I always look forward to these every year. Its a fun way to look at new products that will be coming onto the market for the summer. Not to mention the free goodies. Plus this year I was on the look out for a few things. Car seats for the kids that will fit in the van. Especially for Ezme and the new baby since they will be so close in age and sitting together, I have to make sure I find something that will actually go together nicely without being bulky. I was also on the lookout for some items that would better help Ezme in the eating department. I think we found some wonderful spoons, and we even managed to get her hooked on a Sippy cup this weekend. So no more bottles for her. HURRAY!

Sadly, the Baby fair just wasn't what I was hoping for. A lot of companies pulled out this year making it very small. Not to mention boring. I think it took us all of 15 minutes to stroll the entire fair. It was sad to say the least. I felt horrible that I gave up the beach in favor of the baby fair. Though we got extremely lucky and noticed there was a beach and a walking path in walking distance from the baby fair. So we left with the kiddos and walked over to have a nice picnic lunch. It was fantastic. The weather was beautiful. The kids enjoyed walking around the water throwing rocks and picking up sea shells. They even managed to find some dirt to build a bunch of sand castles. And of course, water and children never mix. So by the time we left to head home, the kids were covered in dirt, and were wet from head to toe. Still not sure how that happened considering they only put there feet in the water. We did one more sweep of the baby fair before leaving. I figured we paid for it. We minus well utilize our time there. Plus we were able to give them a little down time in the play area while we did potty and diaper breaks. So it worked out in the end. My only hope is next years is better!!

By the time we got home, it was well after 6. We needed to make a pit stop at Walmart for some new sneakers for everyone plus we managed to score supper as well. The kids were wiped out as well as Jason and I. We were all in bed and asleep by 9pm. My only sadness was we didn't bring the camera with us.

Sunday we woke up to another beautiful day. We decided to go take Olivia and the kids to the bike path in Cumberland. So after lunch, we loaded everyone and all the bikes into our van and headed out. Our goal: To teach Olivia how to ride a bike without training wheels. I know, some of you are saying to yourself "she is 7, why hasn't she learned yet." Well, for one thing, we don't have a place near our home we can take her to practice. Our neighborhood is out of the question and going to Cumberland to help her practice is not always practical. We are hoping that this summer we will have less commitments and home troubles and will be able to take her more often. Plus, we also found out she needs a new bike. The girl GREW and GREW FAST since last year. Poor bike barely got any amount of riding time with Olivia before it gets passed down to Emma-James. And of course, the bike is a princess bike and Emma wants to paint it because she just isn't a princess person. In the end though, we managed to build Olivia's confidence. Not to mention, just had a great time being outside. Another busy day let to early bedtimes. Though Olivia and Jason were up until 2am. WHY, I do not know. I only wish our camera wasn't so big and bulky, otherwise I would have brought it with me for pictures. Next time for sure. We have the entire spring and summer for beach and bike riding fun!!

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