Monday, March 15, 2010

Ezme and Food.... Or Lack Their of.....

Now that Ezme is 6 months old we have been trying even more in the solid food department. The only problem is, her lack of enjoyment out of this new adventure. I figured she would be just like my other three chow hounds and want to eat everything and anything in sight. By this time, my other kids would eat about two jars a day. That's right folks 2 JARS!!! Sometimes this was at just one sitting. So the battle we seem to be having with Ezme just liking one food is driving me batty. We have tried everything, from yogart to cereal (rice and oatmeal) to fruits and veggies. Nothing. She hates with a passion apples. Refuses to even attempt them. And if she can smell them before they hit her month, she will hide her face in disgust. This little turkey wont even drink juice!! Now what kid doesn't even like juice! Part of the reason for her food issues I believe, is her very large tongue. If you have seen her, and know her, then you know that it quiet doesn't fit a six month old's mouth. So much so that sometimes she sleeps with it open, which of course is cute, but I think it bugs her too. So this is just one reason for the cause of her food issues. You can clearly see when we eat, she wants too do the same. We have worked on this for the last 6 weeks, but really haven't gotten anywhere. So we are hoping for some good ideas, or a name of a good food therapist from our pediatrician next week. Until then, she is happy and satisfied with her bottles. So for now, I am letting her play with her food. I figured, why not let her experiment with the tastes on her own. Fingers were made for more then just talking too. Hehe. So yesterday, I decided that I would give her some yogurt on her high chair and let her go to town. If you know me at all, you know that any kind of mess drives me nuts. But I did very well if I say so. Even Jason was proud of me for not intervening with a washcloth. Heck, why not. She needed a bath anyways. Of course what is any mom to do in these situations but to take pictures of course. Enjoy the mess that is my daughter!

You want me to do what with this yogurt mommy?

Ok, I will give it a try

This is kind of fun (Happy smiles, big tongue)

Ohh, I wonder what my binkie would taste like if I put it in the yogurt and then sucked on it? (This was the only way we could actually get Ezme to eat the yogurt without her tongue getting in the way. She got the biggest kick out of it too)



Success is so yummy!!

Yup, I am covered in yogurt, what are you gonna do about it mommy?


  1. You wouldn't guess from the pictures that she has any food issues. Bet you can't wait till summer...make those messes then play in the sprinkler. :-)

  2. Shannae had the same problem with the big tongue - she was 8 months old before she ate anything, so I know how you feel. She still does have some issues and was recently diagnosed by the speech therapist as having an immature tongue thrust. PM me on PAI if you want more info.