Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flat Olivia Project

Day 2 of Home-Schooling. Things are picking up. We have the next few months all planned out. Olivia has started to read the FLAT STANLEY series. Sadly, its so easy for her, she managed to finish the first book in less then an hour. Oh well, at least she can get the idea of the fun that is in store.

So with this, I am asking everyone who might read this blog if they would like to help us out with a little project. Of course its going to be the "FLAT OLIVIA" project. She is super excited. My friend from college has offered to be the first "Visit" in the good old State of Kansas. So she will be off and running pretty soon. Olivia and I have a few goals in mind with this project:

1. Hit all 50 States, as we are learning about the Presidents and each State this year so I thought this would be fun. So any information in the form of a packet or pamphlet would be AWESOME!

2. Acquire a trinket or little memento from each State. Could be a postcard, (she is really into magnets) or something along that lines. I am willing to send you a check to cover cost of shipping, handling and the item itself.

3. Photos of Flat Olivia seeing sites that we probably wont have the opportunity to see. I am really excited to put a book together for her so she is able to keep it for years to come. And who knows, this might inspire her to travel someday.

4. Her biggest goal is for FLAT OLIVIA to visit the White House. Sooooooooo, if you have connections, we are all ears. She is going to be starting up her Blog soon in regards to this. So we are pretty excited.

Flat Olivia will also have the chance to visit overseas as well. She will be traveling to Russia as well as South Korea and possibly even Turkey. So who knows. This girl might be doing some moving and shaking.

So if you would like to participate, let me know. I will put your name on the list and the State your from. This way, if anyone is stuck as to where she should go next, I will have plenty of places for her to visit. Please just send "Flat Olivia" any extra items, trinkets, papers or photos can be send to us directly.



  1. As I said on FB, I love this project idea. Just a heads up that they won't let anyone bring the FLAT OLIVIA in to the White House. Only allowed to bring photo ID in with you. But it would still be neat to be taken to view the White House from the street.

  2. Let me know - we can totally help you with Arizona.

  3. Yah, I figured that we wouldn't be able to do that. But who am I to squash her dreams. She knows that it probably wont happen and has settled to have it go visit the State House in Providence. But the girl is still dreaming big. LOL.

  4. Hi, Kiley! It has been a long time... I think I may be able to help with Flat Olivia visiting the outside of the White House at least. One of my friends just moved to DC and, once she is settled, I may be able to put you two in touch. Let me know if you'd like me to ask her.