Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doctors Visit 38 Weeks

I had my ultrasound today to check for fluid levels. It was only suppose to be a quick 30 minute appointment, but little did I know, the sick feeling I had felt over night and pretty much the entire day today was for good reason. My blood pressure was pretty high. 140/90. This is high for me considering its been in the 120's/60's for the entire pregnancy, so that big of a spike in less then a week was pretty significant.

The ultrasound tech said that baby looked good. Fluid again is going down. Only a 7 this time. She said it was fine and not to worry, but I am aggravated that being a slow leak and it getting worse by the day, is only going to cause issues either during delivery or after. The risk of infection can increase and I don't want baby to have to spend any NICU time all because they are being ridiculous. But anyways.....With my high blood pressure and the concern that baby is growing a little slow, I ended up being sent down the hall to see the doctor as well. Now let me just say. This particular doctor is very sweet. BUT VERY ANNOYING!!!! He looked at my chart, took my blood pressure again. 143/92 and decided to do a quick fetal test by hooking me up to the monitors. Baby did good. Did a quick cervical exam and said I was all set. I was furious. Even the nurses were. I was sick in the office, doing everything I could not to throw up. Sick in the car. Sick the night before. I even walked out of the office. And he said to me, "Are you okie, you look very pale." To which I said, "NO, I am feeling horrible right now." He then said, rest and go home. SERIOUSLY!!!! SERIOUSLY?????????? I went and did some blood work. Refusing my 24 hour urine collection. Why put myself through that? I haven't spilled any protein at all. And he isn't going to induce me any early if I was. So what is the point. It truly stresses me out so I stuck with the blood work. Came home, and slept. I still feel horrible. I want to throw up so badly. Can't get comfortable. The whole nine yards. I am not even sure what the next week holds. I guess I will find out more on Monday when I go back. Until then. I have checked my blood pressure twice at home and its still pretty high. Blah. Pray I feel better in the A.M.

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  1. Oh man! I hope this baby either decides to come soon or that you start to feel better. Hugs