Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I had another ultrasound today. Its fun to see little guy on the screen moving around. He still has his little hand directly on top of his face. It has been their since our first ultrasound back in April at 18 weeks. I have a feeling he will be coming out that way too.

Today's ultrasound was to again check the fluid levels and his growth. My levels dropped two points from last appointment. I will have another ultrasound again in two more weeks, and if its dropped again by this much then I probably will be sent over to labor and delivery that day. She said it wasn't cause for concern, but the fact that it dropped so much in such a short time does lead her to believe I do in fact have a small leak. I will see my regular doctor starting next week. HURRAY!!! I am so excited to have her back. We will discuss our options and most likely talk about induction as I may need to be put on antibiotics. But again, its still up in the air.

Baby is looking really good though. They said he was over the 6lb mark. But if that was the case, he gained well over 2 1/2 pounds in just 9 days!!! That's insanity!!!! Even the tech. said that didn't look accurate. So who knows how big he really is. My blood pressure is looking good despite not feeling well and having headaches often these days. I dropped in weight again by almost 2 lbs. Not sure what is going on their.

So another week of "waiting" to see what happens. This Thursday I will be 36 weeks. So either way, I will have a baby in just three short weeks. CRAZY CRAZY!!!

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