Thursday, August 26, 2010

1 Day Left

Today was my very last appointment for baby boy. Weird for me in so many ways. Maybe this is my last time with the prenatal visits, maybe its not. Who knows. All I know right now is this pregnancy flew by FAST!!

My appointment went good though. Hooked up to the NST machine. Baby did fantastic. Mild contractions coming every 6 minutes apart. My doctor did a quick exam and found that my cervix is ripe 85% effaced and almost 4 cm dilated. She doesn't want to strip my membranes because thinks I will go fast. Bummer. I really would like to just have monkey man come as soon as possible. But I only have to wait one more day, so I am okie with that.

Today is spending time with my family when they arrive. Running errands, last minute cleaning and grocery shopping and anything else that needs to get done before I head into the hospital tomorrow. Still feels surreal though. Can't wait to see how the kiddos are going to react to the new little one. Especially Owen and Ezme.

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